Cindy-Lee Dennis, PhD


Doctoral Students


Jennifer Abbass Dick BNSc, MN

Title: A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of an education and support intervention for partners of breastfeeding women to improve rates of exclusive breastfeeding

Current Status:  2009 – 2013

Kim Allen, RN, BScN, MN

Title: RELiEF: A randomized controlled trial evaluating lanolin and expressed breast milk for the treatment of nipple pain among breastfeeding women

Current Status: 2007 – 2013

Karen McQueen, RN, BScN, MN, PhD

Title: Improving breastfeeding outcomes: A pilot randomized controlled trial of a self-efficacy intervention with primiparous mothers

Current Status: 2005 – 2009

Supervisory Committee

Alison Mildon

Title: Effectiveness and feasibility of providing postnatal breastfeeding support to vulnerable mothers as an extension to the Canada prenatal nutrition program

Current Status: 2016-ongoing

Masters Students

Dawn Kingston, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD

Title: An examination of sources of information to increase breastfeeding self-efficacy

Current Status: 2005 – 2006

Marion Mossman, RN, MScN

Title: The psychometric evaluation of the Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy Scale among adolescent mothers

Current Status: 2003 – 2006

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