Cindy-Lee Dennis, PhD


Specific Publications

  1. Pollock, W., Rose, L., & Dennis, C-L. (under review). Pregnant and postpartum admissions to the intensive care unit: A systematic review.
  2. Parry, M., Watt-Watson, J., Hodnett, E., Tramner, J., Dennis, C-L., & Brooks, D. (2009). Cardiac Home Education and Support Trial (CHEST):  A Pilot Study. Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 25, e393-e398.
  3. Harvey, J., & Dennis, C-L. (2008). Hygiene interventions for prevention of cytomegalovirus infection among childbearing women: A systematic review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 63, 440-450.
  4. Dennis, C-L., & Kingston, D. (2008). A systematic review of telephone support for women during pregnancy and the early postpartum period. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, 37, 301-314
  5. McQueen, K. & Dennis, C-L. (2007). Development of a postpartum depression best practice guideline: A review of the systematic process. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 22, 199-204.
  6. Janssen, P, Dennis, C-L., & Reime, B. (2006). Development and psychometric testing of the care in obstetrics: measure for testing satisfaction (COMFORTS) scale. Research in Nursing & Health, 29, 51-60.
  7. Dennis, C-L. (2003). Peer support within a health care context: A concept analysis. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 40, 321-332.

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